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Hebei Huaqin Machinery Co., Ltd.
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Blet pulleys, belt sheaves, iron castings professional manufacturer Hebei Huaqin Machinery Co., Ltd. is specialized in producing all kinds of belt pulleys, belt sheaves, sleeve, couplings and other transmission parts and a variety of Iron Castings. Our company is a modern export enterprises, the company passed the ISO international standard quality system certification. The company products are: belt sheaves, GB pulley, American Standard pulley, European standard pulley, Japanese standard pulley, V-belt pulley, single slot pulley, dual pulley, three groove pulleys, multi groove pulley, triangular pulley, gray iron pulleys, cast iron pulley, the international standard pulley, SPZ-type pulley, spa-type pulley, SPB-type pulley, SPC-type pulley, SPD-type pulley, GB pulley, Z-belt pulley, A-type pulley, B-type pulley, C-type pulley D-type pulley, E-type belt pulley, 3V-type pulley, 5V-type pulley, 8V-type pulley, V-belt sheaves, 3V Hi-Cap Wedge Stock QD Sheaves, 5V Hi-Cap Wedge Stock QD Sheaves, 8V Hi-Cap Wedge Stock QD Sheaves, 3V Hi-Cap Wedge Stock Tapered Bushed QD Sheaves, 5V Hi-Cap Wedge Stock Tapered Bushed QD Sheaves, 8V Hi-Cap Wedge Stock Taper Bushed QD Sheaves, A/B Combination Groove Conventional Taper Bushed stock Sheaves, C Conventional stock Taper Bushed Sheaves, D Conventional stock Taper Bushed Sheaves, motor pulley, large pulleys,1008 taper sleeve, 1210 taper sleeve, 1610 taper sleeve, 2012 taper sleeve, 2517 taper sleeve, 2525 taper sleeve, 3020 taper sleeve, 3030 taper sleeve, 3525 taper sleeve, 3535 taper sleeve, 4030 taper sleeve, 4040 taper sleeve, drum gear coupling, star coupling, clamp-type coupling, plum-shaped coupling, elastic column pin coupling, HRC flexible coupling, JAW gear claw coupling, customized non-standard pulley, custom special pulley, custom profiled pulleys, all kinds of forms of Iron Castings. Our products through rigorous inspection, reliable quality, exported to Europe and the United States more than a dozen countries and regions, loved by all customers.
My company has more than 380 employees, 36 technical personnel, has a new product development and casting, machining, finishing and production workshop, there are all kinds of machining centers, CNC lathes, CNC cutting, lathes, milling machines, grinders, balance tester and other equipment nearly 100 units, cranes, forklifts, cranes and other auxiliary equipment. The workshop covers an area of about 8,000 square meters, and a variety of machine tools and equipment operator to reach the technical level of the national assessment, professional tire mold production, new product development, mechanical drawing water level of operation, with parts Roughing and finishing ability. Wang Ji Wu, General Manager of the company commitment to the customer, our company always adhere to the "create famous brand by reputation, quality and development" marketing concept for the majority of customer service. We sincerely welcome all friends to visit and joint cooperation and common development. Welcome to contact us.