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taper bushes

We are supply taper bushes. Our company mass production of various standard taper pulley matching with cone, there are 1008 taper bushes, 1210 taper bushes, 1610 taper bushes, 2012 taper bushes, 2517 taper bushes, 2525 taper bushes, 3020 taper bushes, 3030 taper bushes, 3525 taper bushes, 3535 taper bushes, 4030 taper bushes, 4040 taper bushes and other various types of specifications, sleeve material is generally used in made of high strength, moderate hardness, ductile iron, can also be customized according to user requirements. Our company plant the production of sleeve material uniformity, high strength, reliable quality, reasonable price, welcome domestic and foreign customers to visit us.